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Climate Smart Larimer County Questionnaire No.1

Understanding where the Larimer County community stands on climate


Project Description:
This short, 10-min questionnaire is part of the Climate Smart Larimer County (CSLC) Initiative, a County-led effort to understand how the community perceives climate change and what they see as potential strategies for adapting to climate impacts already underway (adaptation) and for reducing future climate impacts (mitigation). 

Being a Climate Smart County is a collective effort that includes daily actions we take as individuals and actions we take collaboratively as a community. No single person or organization would be able to affect climate change on its own, but through collaboration, communication, and innovation we can make a difference on complex challenges, and be a model for others to follow. 

Questionnaire Description:
This questionnaire aims to introduce the initiative to the community, to understand where we all stand on climate, and to recruit participants for workshops in February 2022. Community feedback will inform the development of the County's first Climate Smart Plan. 

Thank you in advance for your time and interest in helping shape a Climate Smart future for Larimer County!
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