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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 19

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. A new piece of equipment is placed into production. It is connected and powered on. Which of the following is the known threat vulnerability introduced in this scenario?
2. A new desktop was put into production. The system administrator created a new user and disabled the local administrator and guest accounts.

Which vulnerability was introduced when the system was powered on?
3. Vulnerability scanning has its limitations. Which answer BEST describes the concept of point in time?

4. In a world where so much private information is stored and transferred digitally, it is essential to proactively discover weaknesses. A penetration tester's assessment sheds light on flaws that could open doors to malicious attacks.

Which of the following assessment types does a penetration tester complete to expose these weaknesses?

5. Which of the following frame (packet) subtrees would you expand in order to view the POST data that was captured by Wireshark?
6. John creates an account and creates a listing for the sale of his home. He uses HTML tags to bold important words. Chris, an attacker, spots John's listing and notices the bolded words.

Chris assumes HTML tags are enabled on the user end and uses this vulnerability to insert his own script, which will send him a copy of the cookie information for any user who looks at the ad.

Which type of attack method is Chris most likely using?
7. Which Wi-Fi attack uses a rogue access point configured with the same SSID as the organization's SSID?
8. How can a legal hold be helpful in digital forensics?
9. Which of the following is an e-mail authentication tool that relies on an e-mail's encrypted digital signature to verify its authenticity?
10. Which of the following can contain a wealth of information that can be used to determine the authenticity of an e-mail?
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