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Plan Ferndale: Climate Action

This survey is intended to replicate the discussion feedback from the October 27th Community Summit Session on Climate Action. You can watch the recorded presentation here or view the presentation slides here.

We value the opinions of all Ferndale stakeholders - whether you live, work, play, pray, or learn here - your voice matters.

Plan Ferndale is an update of the City's Master Land Use Plan and Parks and Recreation Plan and the incorporation of the City's first Climate Action Plan. Read more about it at

This survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Moving from Footprints to Handprints

Footprints are the negative consequences of all that it takes to sustain a person or an organization...the total "cost" of your presence.

Taking positive actions towards sustainable development are your handprints. Recognizing we only have one planet and one place to thrive, our goal is moving away from negative impacts towards leaving positive interventions for the next generation.

What are your habits around your home?
*EV stands for electric vehicles
1. What are you doing to reduce your environmental footprint?
Space Cell I already do thisI cannot do thisI can (and want!) to do thisI do not want to do this
Reduce food waste
Shop local
Take shorter showers
Wash in cold water
Fly less
Drive less
Unplug appliances
Lower the thermostat temperature
Avoid space heaters and coolers
Reduce sprinklers
2. What are you doing to improve your environmental handprint?
Space Cell I already do thisI cannot do thisI can (and want!) to do thisI do not want to do this
Travel sustainably
Eliminate single-use plastics
Plant trees
Garden to table
Bike, walk, switch to EV
Switch to LED bulbs
Convert to electric heating
Install solar panels and battery packs
Capture rainwater