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Plan Ferndale: Equitable Open Space

This survey is intended to replicate the discussion feedback from the October 27th Community Summit Session on Equitable Open Space. You can watch the recorded presentation here or review the slides here before answering these questions

We value the opinions of all Ferndale stakeholders - whether you live, work, play, pray, or learn here - your voice matters.

Plan Ferndale is an update of the City's Master Land Use Plan and Parks and Recreation Plan and the incorporation of the City's first Climate Action Plan. Read more about it at

This survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Why are we talking about equity in open space? 

Everyone in our community should have access to open space. Our goal is to consciously design, program, and improve our parks and open space in a way that addresses the distinct challenges of non-dominant social groups in order to create more equitable outcomes. We are asking for your input.
Where can I learn more about how the City and Plan Ferndale are using the terms "equity", "inclusion", and similar terms? Review a glossary of the definitions the City and Plan Ferndale are currently using based on guidance from the Government Alliance on Race and Equity here.