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Early Literacy Observation & Feedback Tool - Spring 2022 Pilot Registration

In conjunction with a significant investment in our K-12 schools and classrooms, DESE is launching a multi-year initiative to support and invest educator preparation providers in meeting the goal of ensuring that, by 2024-25, prospective teachers in Early Childhood PK-2, Elementary 1-6 and Moderate Disabilities K-8 programs are prepared, through coursework and opportunities for practice and high-quality feedback, in evidence-based early literacy aligned to Mass Literacy.  

As part of this initiative, DESE is inviting Sponsoring Organizations to pilot the Early Literacy Observation and Feedback Tool in Spring 2022. The Early Literacy Observation and Feedback Tool supports CAP supervisors with identifying and providing feedback on evidence-based practices for early literacy instruction aligned to Mass Literacy. The tool was developed in partnership with faculty in the 2020-21 Early Literacy in Educator Preparation Network and may ultimately become a required part of CAP for candidates in Early Childhood PK-2, Elementary 1-6 and Moderate Disabilities K-8 programs.

Pilot participants will have the opportunity to gain early experience using the tool and provide DESE with feedback on its use, integration into CAP, and other supports needed to meet this goal.

  • Sponsoring Organization Point-Person: Participating SOs will identify one person to serve as lead point-of-contact with DESE for the pilot. This person will be responsible for coordinating with Program Supervisors, Supervising Practitioners, and Teacher Candidates, overseeing implementation of the pilot, and communicating with DESE.
  • Participation: The pilot is open to all SOs preparing teacher candidates in Early Childhood PK-2, Elementary 1-6, and Moderate Disabilities PK-8. Though there is no minimum number of candidates required for participation, we recommend SOs select one or more relevant programs to participate in the pilot so that all candidates in the program have the opportunity to be observed and receive feedback using the tool. If this is not feasible, SOs can also pilot the tool with a subset of candidates.
  • Training: DESE will hold an informational webinar on November 30th at 12pm to provide an overview of the tool and its use. Register here to attend the webinar or receive a recording. DESE will also facilitate optional training sessions for supervisors in January/February.
  • Use of the Tool: During the Spring 2022 pilot, participating programs will use the tool in an observation of a teacher candidate teaching a full core literacy block. The tool will be piloted as a supplemental form to be used at any time during the practicum, either alongside the CAP Observation Form or through a separate observation. It is at the SO's discretion whether or not the piloted tool will be considered as formal feedback and integrated into CAP.
  • Feedback: All participants involved in piloting the tool, including the SO point-person, Program Supervisors and/or Supervising Practitioners, and Teacher Candidates, will be asked to complete a feedback survey on their experience using the tool and their recommendations for future training and supports.
2. Please provide the name and contact information of the individual who will serve as point-person for this pilot from your Sponsoring Organization. *This question is required.
3. In which program(s) do you plan to pilot the tool? *This question is required.