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BPD Scale

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For each of the following items rate for how you have been during the last seven days.
Choose the response that indicates how much distress, difficulty getting things done, or relationship problems have been caused by each item.
Space Cell None or SlightMildModerateSevereExtreme
Worrying that someone in your life is tired of you or is about to leave you
Major shifts in your opinions about others, such as shifting from believing someone is a loyal friend to believing the person is untrustworthy and hurtful
Extreme changes in how you see yourself. Shifting from feeling confident about who you are to feeling that you are almost evil or feeling that you don't even exist.
Severe mood swings several times a day. Minor events cause major shifts in mood.
None or SlightMildModerateSevereExtreme
Feeling paranoid or like you are losing touch with reality
Feeling angry
Feelings of emptiness
Feeling suicidal
None or SlightMildModerateSevereExtreme
Going to extreme to try to keep someone from leaving you
Purposely doing something to injure yourself or making a suicide attempt
Problems with impulsive behavior (not counting harming yourself). Examples include overspending, risky sexual behavior, substance abuse, binge eating, etcetera.
Temper outbursts or problems with anger leading to relationship problems, physical fights, or destruction of property
Choose the answer that describes how often you used the following positive behaviors
Space Cell Almost alwaysMost of the timeHalf of the timeSome timesAlmost never
Choosing to use a positive activity in circumstances where you felt tempted to do something self destructive or self defeating
Noticing ahead of time that something could cause you difficulties and taking reasonable steps to avoid or prevent the problem
Following through with therapy plans to which you agreed (eg talk therapy, homework assignments, coming to appointments, medications, etcetera)