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Ice creams & refreshments order form for schools & groups 21-22


Welcome to our new ice cream and refreshments order form for schools and groups. By pre-ordering we can save you money on refreshments and make your trip more stress-free by having your order ready for pick-up when you want it. 

Please note: payment must be made at least 48 hours in advance in order to receive the discounted price. Orders received after this will be charged at full price, and availability cannot be guaranteed. Orders cancelled less than a week prior to your visit will incur a charge of 50% of the total bill.
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3. Let us know which show(s) you have booked for so we can match your booking to a ice cream/drink order: *This question is required.*This question is required. For more information on the shows, please visit:
For Year 2 - 7
Maximum audience size: 290 (approx)
Running time: 2 hrs (incl. interval)
For Years 3 - 8
Maximum audience size: 280 (approx)
Running time: 50 mins (approx)
For Nursery - Year 1
Maximum audience size: 90 (approx)
Running time: 50 mins (approx)
For Year 2 - Year 6
Maximum audience size: 90 (approx)
Running time: 50 mins (approx)