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2022-2024 Biennium Chapter Advisor Application

Welcome & Instructions

Thank you for your interest in serving as a collegiate Chapter Advisor. We ask that you review the information below and indicate your desire to be appointed by completing the application that follows. Thank you for your interest in serving the Fraternity in this important role!

Position Impact:
The collegiate chapter experience is one of the most formative experiences in a member’s life. As the major venue through which the Fraternity gains members, instills values and inspires lifelong commitment, the continuous growth and development of the collegiate chapter ensures the future success of the Fraternity. The Chapter Advisor is the key local volunteer responsible for providing leadership, guidance, inspiration and support to the collegiate chapter and advisor team in these endeavors. By entering into collaborative relationships, the Chapter Advisor communicates a shared vision that makes it possible for all constituents to facilitate the chapter’s health and continued growth.

Appointment Process:
The Chapter Advisor is appointed for a two-year term, and appointments are made during the Convention year. Applications for the position are sent to the Chapter Development Manager who conducts the initial interview along with a member of the Advisor Support or Volunteer Development Committees and makes a recommendation for appointment. All Chapter Advisors are appointed by International Council. Please note that appointments will be made on a rolling basis, so yours may come at a different point in time than other appointed Chapter Advisors. 

The Application:

Please only complete one application for all desired positions. You may indicate your interest later in the application.

Professional résumés are welcome but optional and may be uploaded within the application.

If any issues or challenges with your online application occur, please contact Audrey Graser, Chapter Development Manager, at