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2021 Officer Transition Retreat Sign Up

This sign up form is for chapters that are interested in attending the virtual Officer Transition Retreats OR for chapters that would like transition retreat supplies and a facilitator guide so they can plan their own.

We will be offering two possible dates for our virtual retreats on November 14th and December 4th from 11am-2:30pm est. Please sign up by Friday, November 5th for the November retreat and by Friday, November 26th for the December retreat in order to ensure that all supplies reach your chapter in time.

If you are not able to attend the virtual retreat but would still like additional support when it comes to planning an in person retreat, use this form to provide us with more information so we can ship supplies to you. Please complete the form at least one week before your retreat day to ensure supplies reach you in time.

Should you have any questions about the Virtual Officer Transition Retreats being hosted by Beta Theta Pi or about hosting your own transition retreat, please reach out to the Associate Director of Leadership and Education, Jess Schauble (
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