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Assistant Portfolio Manager

5. Skill of working with and through people to accomplish results? *This question is required.Your ability to learn what people want and do what is necessary to satisfy their need?
I prefer clear direct instructions from a manager
I'm skilled at figuring things out on my own and then doing what I think is right
6. Your ability to organize and maintain information? *This question is required.Keeping track of information can include computer systems, manual systems, or your own methods.
I'm very process-driven and need to have structured information systems provided to me.
I can adapt to any environment and thrive in figuring out how to organize information.
7. Your problem solving skills? *This question is required.Solving problems energizes you and it shows in your work
I enjoy a challenge & am creative at finding solutions to problems
Problems tend to work themselves out around me
8. Your ability to resolve conflict and create a win/win situation? *This question is required.Can you work a conversation using problem solving to a solution that is truly a win/win, preserving the pricing and policy standards of the company?
Not something I prefer to do
9. Your level of patience to work with people to get it right? *This question is required.Are you a patient person, or do you get frustrated easily?
Patience of a Saint
I have very little patience when the pressure is on
10. What would people say about how fast you work? *This question is required.
Tortoise - I'm regarded as slow and steady, aiming for precision
Hare - I've been called fast and efficient
11. Your ability to dissect an issue and understand the real problem?  *This question is required.How are you most skillful when problem solving both people and process issues?
I'm a resourceful problem solver if I'm allowed to be creative
I believe businesses are most efficient when processes and policies remain constant
12. Your ability to juggle many projects and to see them through to accurate completion?  *This question is required.How you handle many projects at once without leaving any unfinished or dropping any balls in the process.
I prefer to do a few things well
The more variety the better and I know what to do in each situation
13. How important is variety in your daily job activity? *This question is required.
I'm more of a consistent routine worker
I prefer tons of variety each day
14. How would you rate your verbal communication skills? *This question is required.
Excellent - I could teach this stuff
Not sure how I would rate myself
15. Rank the following activities by order of your ability. *This question is required. Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
26. Please attach your resume or letter of introduction here. *This question is required.