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ISPE Emerging Leader Nominations 2022

The ISPE Emerging Leader Award recognizes ISPE members who have shown, early in their careers (typically/likely under 35 years of age), the potential for leadership and have already made significant contributions to the Society. Only one award can be granted to each year.

Nominees must be a member in good standing (membership is current).
Nominees must have between 2 and 7 years of membership in the Society
Nominees must have demonstrated entrepreneurship and leadership within the Society, specific examples must be provided.

The following examples are provided for guidance:
  • Spearheading the development of an important, concerted ISPE document
  • Establishing or further developing an important new initiative within ISPE, such as a student's night out, new member luncheon, mentor program, or newcomer track.
  • Establishing or further developing a major new SIG, committee, or Regional Interest Group.
The nomination must include a letter indicating the reason for nomination and the nominee's CV.

*Previous recipients and FISPEs are not eligible for this award.
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