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PreK-3rd Grade Network Registration Survey

PreK-3rd Grade Leadership Network

OSPI in partnership with the AESD and AWSP, is launching the PreK-3rd Grade Leadership Network for principals and district administrators seeking to identify and develop school improvement strategies focused on the early years.​ Participants will learn about key strategies and initiatives and network with other districts.

The PreK-3rd Grade Leadership Network will support  Washington schools as they seek to develop inclusive, anti-biased, asset-based strategies to address gaps in kindergarten readiness that persist into third grade, including expansion of inclusive preschool programs, Transitional Kindergarten, and best practices for K-3 assessment and instruction. ​

The PreK-3rd Grade Leadership Network will also attend to the unique social-emotional and behavior needs of young students, and their families, as they transition to school, possibly for the first time ever. ​

This event includes five 90-minute network meetings (via Zoom) between December 2021 thru June 2022 on Fridays from 9-10:30am with additional support available.

The meeting dates are: December 10th, January 28th, March 11th, April 29th, and June 10th. 

To register for this event, please complete this survey.