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SCoR LEA Identification Survey

Currently, the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Writing tests for students in kindergarten through grade two are administered on paper-pencil Answer Books, which are distributed and collected through shipping processes then scanned through ETS machinery for scoring. This process has often created numerous logistical and time-related challenges. As a result, Educational Testing Service (ETS) is working on developing a new way of collecting K–2 Writing responses that will streamline and expedite the current processes.

Secure Capture of Responses (SCoR) is a web-based application designed to make reviewing, submitting, and tracking ELPAC K–2 Writing tests easier and more efficient. It involves the use of any internet-connected device with a camera through which users will be able to securely capture images of student item responses and upload them directly to ETS. Moreover, SCoR will have dashboards that enable electronic, real-time tracking of test completion and submission for users at all levels (LEA ELPAC coordinators, site ELPAC coordinators, and test examiners).  

If you have any questions/comments, please contact Yoon Byun ( at ETS.

In order to help inform the development of SCoR, please answer the following questions below.

1. LEA/School Selection:If you are affiliated with a charter school and are uncertain of its responsible LEA associations, you may proceed to the next question. School selection is optional.
2. If SCoR were to be implemented, which user(s) at your LEA would be responsible for using the image capture technology to upload student responses? (Select all that apply.)  *This question is required.
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3. What type of internet-connected device(s) with a camera does your LEA staff have access to that could be used for this process? (Select all that apply.)  *This question is required.
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