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2022 Women in Auto Care (WiAC) Leadership Committee is Accepting Applications

Apply to join the WIAC Leadership Committee - Deadline to apply is December 3, 2021

The WiAC Leaderhip Committee consists of volunteers that seek to engage, empower and mentor women in the auto care industry. Committee responsibilities and expectations include participation in bi-weekly (twice a month) committee calls, attendance at WiAC organized events and execution of tasks related to the initiatives of the WiAC. The three-year term will begin January 1, 2022.

Please note you MUST be employed by an Auto Care Association member to serve on the committee.

The following positions exist for the WiAC Leadership Committee:

Mentoring and Member Engagement - Support the WiAC mentorship program / increase member engagement

Sponsorships - Actively pursue new sponsorship leads and partnership opportunities

Content - Manage community content


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