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VRU Education Workstream

The Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) is a partnership that brings together specialists from Local Government, Health, Education, Policing and Criminal Justice to work with communities and the third sector to reduce serious violence and tackle its underlying causes.

Schools and other education settings play an essential role in helping to ensure all of our children and young people are safe, feel safe and thrive. Schools are in a unique position to identify early, address and prevent the trajectory of vulnerability and subsequent adverse outcomes, such as exclusion (of which vulnerable children face the most considerable risk). Schools already do a lot of amazing work in supporting their vulnerable children and young people, through existing systems and policies.  How therefore can we do the job better? How can we help systems interact effectively? How can we be better at joining up the dots and conversations?

The Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County VRU (NNVRU) are keen to get the views of those working in education and youth work on how partners can improve on early identification of young people at risk of being impacted by serious violence, either as a victim or perpetrator.  The VRU would like to hear from you on what you find is working well; what you think isn’t, and where you think the VRU could help achieve this. We want to hear your views on how we can improve the system through systems change opportunities to enable this and are keen to work in partnership with you to design, develop and implement sustainable  solutions to help reduce risk and support positive outcomes for our young people. This is not an easy ask, given the different partners, structures and demands of the sector but we know that partnership working is a fundamental requirement of the Working Together.  A separate piece of work by the Children’s Society will be capturing the voices of children & young people and their families and carers, which will feed into this project.

We want to hear from you and would encourage you to contribute to this process. There will be another opportunity to feed into this process in the Autumn Term by joining an online workshop to explore this further.

We have undertaken an initial scoping exercise and have identified some broad themes/headings which we would like to explore further in identifying system change opportunities.

We have some general questions we would like to ask you initially:
1. How effective do you think schools and partners are locally at identifying and supporting young people at risk?
Not Effective
Very Effective
2. Is their strength in good systems or good practitioners?
5. We have undertaken some initial research and engagement and identified some broad headings for focus in support of this project as key elements that need to be in place/looked at.  Whilst the below headings are not exhaustive, we would like you to rank the above in order of priority and of most importance to you as an organisation. Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
The following questions relate to the identified headings above.