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Cambridge International Exams Officer Survey


Thank you for taking part in our short survey.

We want to make the exam administration section of the Cambridge Assessment International Education website the best it can be.

This is why as an Exams Officer, your thoughts and opinions are very important to us.

This short survey will ask you 12 questions about the exam administration web pages on the Cambridge International website.  Most of the questions are multiple-choice and some are free text. This is an anonymous survey so please feel free to be 100% honest in your answers.

This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and can be done on a smartphone or any other device you use.

If you want to refresh your memory about the exam administration web pages, you can use this link; please feel free to look at it when answering the questions, perhaps in a new window or tab.

Thank you. We really appreciate your time.

Cambridge International