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Grants Programme for Increasing Awareness of Predatory Academic Practices

Application Details

IAP is presently conducting a unique study on predatory academic journals and conferences, which will report in early 2022.  A vital part of this study is raising awareness of these pervasive and damaging practices amongst the global research community and helping researchers in any country, at any career stage and in any discipline make informed decisions on where they publish and/or present their work. 

The small grants programme will support outreach and dissemination efforts that are tailored to local/regional context and designed to raise awareness of predatory academic practices and how to spot them. Study outputs – including the results of a global survey of researchers – can provide materials to support these efforts. Innovative ways of working that engage a diverse community of academicians and researchers will be especially welcome. Please note you must be affiliated with or a member of an IAP regional network, senior academyyoung academy, and/or the Global Young Academy to be eligible to apply.  Any one regional network, academy, or academician can only feature in one proposal.  

Small grants of up to US$10,000 are available for the most competitive and innovative proposals who submit their application via this online form. Priority will be given to applications received by November 5th. Applications received after this date will be considered on a rolling basis. If a larger amount is necessary to implement the initiative, please reach out to the IAP Secretariat to discuss your proposal further. Please see guidance on overhead costs and eligible costs here.

Successful proposals will be announced by end of-November and initiatives must be completed within four months from then, i.e. by end March 2022 latest. A short written report will also be required (a reporting framework will be provided).