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Golden Gate Park Access & Safety Program survey

Golden Gate Park Access & Safety Program: Project Proposals

(All of the project proposals below are described in more detail at the Golden Gate Park Access & Safety Program storymap - please make sure you read it before filling out the survey!)

When navigating this survey, especially on a mobile device, please only use the arrow on the right side of the screen to advance the survey. If you use the arrow on the left side to go back, you may accidentally cause the survey to complete and lock you out. Survey closes November 25th at midnight PST.

Based on community feedback the SFMTA and the SF Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) are proposing updates to the current car-free route in Golden Gate Park to deter cut-through traffic, improve traffic safety, enhance the park experience, and increase park access. What combination of project proposals do you feel best meets the needs of the many people visiting Golden Gate Park?
1. Fulton Street Loading Zone:
Create loading zones and 14-16 new ADA blue zone parking spaces on Fulton Street between 6th Ave and 11th Ave. This proposal includes sidewalk widening on Fulton Street and accessible path upgrades between Fulton Street and the park.
3. Park Shuttle Revamp:
Run park shuttles more frequently, more reliably, and serve key destinations in the park. Includes better signage for the shuttle and shuttle stop improvements like benches, shelters, and lighting.
5. Parking Garage Improvements:
Better signage inside and outside of the park to better direct drivers to the garage. Better promote and utilize the existing 15-min free garage access for pick-ups and drop-offs.
7. Taxi Stands in the Park:
Two new taxi stands in the Music Concourse: one at the DeYoung Museum and one at the CA Academy of Sciences. Taxis can use the 44 O'Shaughnessy bus route to access the Music Concourse from the north (taxi stand proposal does not require 8th Ave access in order to be implemented).
9. Bikeshare in the Park:
Install up to 10 new bikeshare docking stations in the park and at least 132 new bike racks. Permit docked bikeshare and dockless bikeshare in the park.
11. Scooters in the Park:
Permit scootershare operations in the park. The 132 proposed new bike racks will help make plenty of places to safely and legally park scooters.