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2022 Summer STEM Institute (SSI) Application

Before proceeding with the 2022 Summer STEM Institute application, please carefully review the following information.

Applications for the 2022 Summer STEM Institute ( are now open. Admissions decisions for the Summer STEM Institute are made in two cycles: early and regular. Students who choose to apply in the early cycle must submit their application by January 16, 2022, and students who apply in the regular cycle must submit their applications by April 17, 2022. To learn more about the difference between the early and regular admissions cycle, please visit the Admissions page on the program website.

The Summer STEM Institute application consists of 5 sections: (1) Background Information, (2) Educational Background, (3) Transcripts and Test Scores, (4) Activities and Awards, and (5) Personal Statements. Please be sure to carefully fill out each section and to review and finalize all responses before submitting the final application. Once an application is submitted, you will not be able to edit answers to application questions.

Please note that you do not need to complete the application to the 2022 Summer STEM Institute in one sitting. To save an application to continue at a later point, please click the orange "Save and Continue" tab at the top header starting on the next page of the application. You will be emailed a unique link you may use to continue editing your application at a future time. When accessing a partially complete application link, please double check to make sure your previous responses were properly inputted and saved before submitting your final application.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please email

Please Note
*If you previously applied to the Summer STEM Institute but were not offered admission, you may re-apply to the 2022 Summer STEM Institute. 
**The following application must be filled out and completed by the prospective student and not a parent/guardian, counselor, agent, or any other individual.