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Innovate with IDHA: Advisory Services Request Form

Innovate with IDHA: Advisory Services Overview

IDHA wants to encourage innovation at Boston Children’s by providing Advisory Services to Innovators across the organization with original ideas for novel digital health solutions that have the potential to impact the healthcare community beyond the hospital. Our team provides ideation, business, and technical strategy guidance to Innovators with solution ideas at all stages of maturity. Whether you have identified an unmet need and want to explore the possibility for a new innovation, just have the beginnings of an idea for a solution, or have already begun to build out your product, our goal is to provide direction and support in determining the best next steps. IDHA's Advisory Services aim to empower Innovators to scale new technologies beyond the four walls of the hospital and to understand the potential trajectory for their ideas.

Please note that IDHA is not able to support solutions that directly involve an existing system (ex: adding or modifying a feature in PowerChart) or are only applicable to the Boston Children’s Hospital environment.

An overview of criteria and available Advisory Services is included below.
  • Unmet Need: pain point addressed by solution idea must not be addressable through a non-digital solution or addressable by an existing solution/improvement to a system in use
  • Validated Problem: pain point addressed by solution idea must be a confirmed pain point felt by patients, families, providers, and/or staff
  • Mission Alignment: solution idea must support BCH and/or the broader healthcare community
  • Impact: Solution idea must provide measurable and meaningful value to its users or customers in terms of outcomes, efficiency, experience, and/or cost
  • Champion: A BCH employee must be willing and able to act as a solution champion, engaging in the innovation process with IDHA
Innovation Workshop: Workshops are a collaborative and interactive 60-minute effort with the Innovator and led by IDHA team experts. Innovators will receive business, technology, or product strategy guidance via tailored discussion and/or activities. Innovation Workshops are best suited for Innovators with existing solution ideas who are interested in understanding the next steps for commercializing their solution.

Design Session: Design Sessions are typically conducted with larger stakeholder groups, bringing together the Innovator, relevant stakeholders, and IDHA team members for a collaborative and interactive 60-minute Session aimed at surfacing priority pain points for solution development. Design Sessions are best suited for Innovators or BCH Departments who have identified pain points that may benefit from a novel solution, but have not yet developed a solution idea.

Additional Services:
  • Level-of-Effort Analysis: Documentation of features included in a minimum viable product, with corresponding estimates for resources and time required for completionRecommended for Innovators seeking grant funding or looking to partner with outside developers to build a solution idea
  • Tailored Discussion with an IDHA Expert: IDHA expertise ranges from user interview best practices, to implementation of technology within the BCH EHR environment. Recommended for Innovators with specific solution needs that require direction on next steps.
  • Market Overview and Trends: Exploration of broader digital health market, including potential competitors and market segmentation, to demonstrate where the potential innovation falls and/or where existing market solutions may meet the identified pain pointRecommended for Innovators seeking to better understand the competitive landscape of a solution, or for Innovators looking to understand if a novel solution is needed to address a pain point

All Boston Children's employees, regardless of department or role, are encouraged to submit an application for Advisory Services if they are interested in collaborating with our team. Submissions should aim to address an unmet need that substantially impacts Boston Children’s and the broader healthcare community and cannot be solved by optimizations to current systems or existing solutions in the market.
Please note that our Advisory Services focus on providing strategic guidance. Development support may become available after engagement with our team via Advisory Services, and is determined case-by-case with consideration to the availability of IDHA resources.