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New York Working Families Party 2021 State Candidate Special Election Questionnaire

Working Families Party Statement of Values

The New York Working Families Party is fighting for racial justice and economic justice, and demands a state and a country that works to end all forms of oppression. In New York, that path includes major steps towards decarceration, establishing healthcare, housing, and transit as basic rights and public goods, ensuring that every child gets a world-class education, and drastically reducing our carbon emissions- prioritizing frontline communities and communities of color as we do so. Choosing this path means fighting inequality by investing in the people of New York State, especially communities of color that have suffered so many decades of wealth extraction and disinvestment. And it means paying for those investments by taxing those who’ve benefited most from our extractive economy, especially big corporations and the wealthy.

The Working Families Party was formed in 1998 by a coalition of community and labor organizations, grassroots activists and progressive elected officials who believe that working families need a party of their own to stand up and fight for us. We are an independent, people-driven political party fighting for the many at a time when a powerful few are calling all the shots.

We are looking to support candidates who support the bold progressive agenda detailed in this questionnaire and will work to build upon the progressive legislation passed over these past years. If that’s you, please continue to the next page and fill out this questionnaire.