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Best Start Request for Qualifications - Local Support Teams



Community Health Councils (CHC) is seeking contractors to act as Local Support Teams for the Best Start Communities of Compton/East Compton, West Athens, Watts/Willowbrook, and Broadway/Manchester.  If you are interested, please complete the following assessment and application and return to Malcolm Johnson, Assistant Director of Community Organizing & Strategic Initiatives – Best Start at no later than 5:00pm on October 1, 2021. 

For more about Best Start Communities - Region 2 please visit: 

The goal of First 5 LA’s Best Start initiative is to increase and deepen actionable strategies that will lead to sustainable systems and policy change. Meaningful change requires an eco-system that includes collaborative and active partnerships between residents, organizations, elected officials, and funders. Evidence has also shown that for a collective group to engage in and move systems change, it requires a strong logistical and community organizing team behind it.  

Expectations of Local Council Support Teams 

This initiative operates on the LA County fiscal year, which runs from July 1 – June 30. Local Support Teams will have contracts in place for the term of November 1, 2021 – May 30, 2022. The LST’s will work collaboratively with CHC and elected members of the Regional Task Force around community and civic engagement.  

Local Support Teams will cultivate Local Delegate Councils that: 

  • Allow for continued delegate membership growth (current goals are 100 delegates per community by 12-31-21), the sharing of critical thoughts, and strategy to advance policy and systems-change 

  • Promote a culture of critical thinking with themes of race, class, gender, orientation dynamics 

  • Support and nurture shared decision-making and accountability on combating anti-Blackness 

  • Create and nurture a pipeline of inter-generational leaders and inclusive of LGBTQI, undocumented, differently abled, unemployed, and justice-involved youth and adults, to name a few. 

  • The primary responsibility of the Local Support Team is to work collaboratively with CHC and the Regional Task Force to organize and implement Local Delegate Council meetings.   

  • The Support Team is a contractor of CHC and is expected to engage in a variety of activities that are in line with CHC’s vision and policies/guidelines for Region 2.  

  • As a contractor, the Support Teams are expected to have the expertise, competencies, and capacity to provide the following support and leadership for each of the communities they represent through May 30, 2022: 

  1. Facilitation of Meetings & Strategic Actionable Conversations 

  2. Logistical Coordination such as hosting virtual and in-person meetings (which will be limited, given the pandemic) Communications (internal and external) such as use of Facebook, Instagram, Text banking, Email, & Phone Banking as directed 

  3. Delegate Council Membership Management such as mediation, conflict resolution, and accountability related to upholding our commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion  

  4. Must know or learn the fundamentals of community organizing such as personal storytelling, agitation, and mobilizing (training provided)  

  5. Assuring alignment between Regional and Local Level Activities 

  6. An understanding of policy, systems change, and legislation. 

  7. Demonstrated experience with mobilizing people to create collective power to drive policy and systems-change Demonstrated experience working with the communities of South LA.  

  8. Contract Compliance such as reporting, tracking attendance, and capturing critical information. 

  9. Participation with Learning and Evaluation as directed. 

Please use this link to submit your application for consideration as a Local Support Team. You will be able to apply to act as the LST for one or more Best Start communities.