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ST WSBLE - 077-030-001 - CAG interest form

General information

Please answer each of the following questions in a few sentences.

The Community Advisory Groups will likely meet approximately six times during the 6-month period, starting November 2021. The first meeting will take place virtually; future meeting dates and times will be established at the first meeting, though will likely take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in the early evening. There will often be materials to review prior to the meeting and occasionally some follow-up required after the meetings. On average, members can expect to spend between 4 and 6 hours a month.

Are you able to make this type of time commitment?
Can you attend a virtual meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 16 from 5 to 7 p.m.? (Regular attendance is very important for participation in a Community Advisory Group.)
Are you able to participate in virtual meetings (access to internet, computer or phone)?
Does your experience align with any of the following?
Do you think you can provide any of the following perspectives?

In order to determine whether we are bringing together a diverse set of lived experiences, we would appreciate it if you would fill out the following demographic survey, to the extent you are comfortable doing so.

I identify my race or ethnicity as (you may select more than one):
What is your housing situation?
How long have you lived in the Seattle area?
What was your primary mode of transportation prior to COVID?
What is your current primary mode of transportation?
How often do you use transit?

Thank you for your interest in a Community Advisory Group for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions project and for taking the time to engage with us. We expect to announce membership the week of November 8. We look forward to connecting with you!