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HCS Grassroots Application Form

HCS Grassroots Tournament Operator Application Form

Are you passionate about bringing the Halo community together by running tournaments? Do you organize competitions for your region, friends, or favorite Halo group? We would love to help support your events so you can keep doing what you love and bring the best competitions you can. While we can’t provide physical support in the form of things like loaner consoles or prize money to Community Tournament Organizers at this time, some of the support we can provide includes: promotion, game codes, prizes for giveaways, and hosting on our channels.

We’re looking for experienced community tournament organizers who might be comprised of just one person, a small group of friends, or collegiate clubs running local, small-scale competitions both online and LAN. Are you new to organizing tournaments? Don't worry! Keep bringing the community together and apply later when you have some events behind you. We'll be eager to hear from you!

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