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Corporate Donation Request Form

The TCB Enterprise/TASC Employee Philanthropy Committee reviews donation requests on a bi-monthly basis in odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November). To be considered at the bi-monthly meeting, all applications must be submitted by the 15th of the month when requests are reviewed. 

It is recommended that requests are made at least four (4) months in advance of when funds are needed. Organizations are encouraged to package all requests for the coming year into one submission. Only organizations that align to our philanthropic priority areas and are registered 501(c)3 organizations will be funded.   

Please provide as much detail as possible so the Committee can make an informed decision. Feel free to reach out to us at ( if you have any questions or if you are unsure if your request aligns to our philanthropy priorities. 

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3. Has your organization requested funds from TASC/TCB Enterprise in the past three (3) years?  *This question is required.
4. If you indicated you previously requested funding, please indicate date/year and amount of approved funds in the last 3 years. Please also include what event/project the funds were used. 
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Details of Approved Funding
Details of Approved Funding
Details of Approved Funding
Details of Approved Funding
Our philanthropic priorities are focused to provide more impact in our communities. These current priorities are:

Health: As an employee benefits company, improving the health outcomes and building healthier communities is a key component of our business. Our giving strategy in this area supports organizations and programs dedicated to: 
  • equitable access to health care for underserved populations, 

  • supporting families facing critical illnesses or who have experienced trauma, and 

  • ensuring mental health resources and care.  

Education: We support programs focused on academic success and educational attainment of students from kindergarten to high school graduation. The Committee will consider funding both in-school and out-of-school programs that reduces the opportunity gap and equips students to graduate career and community ready. We are most interested in programs that support: 

  • resources to help underserved student succeed including: 

  • mentoring and tutoring  

  • supplies and technology  

  • food and transportation  

Essential Needs: Food and housing insecurity are both deeply connected to health and education challenges.

  • Living on the street or in homeless shelters exacerbates existing health problems and causes new ones. TCB Enterprise supports programs and organization that help families find a place to call home and addresses needs of homelessness while removing barriers for people of color and creating financial stability. 
  • Food insecurity is also linked to chronic illnesses, and hungry students do less well in school as they are unable to focus. We provide financial support to organizations addressing housing and/or food insecurity in our communities with preference given to organizations who have a health or education connection.  
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment 
9. Does your organization have a diversity, equity and inclusion policy that has been approved by your governing board? *This question is required.
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14. If requesting event sponsorship or program support, attach sponsorship information or program details. You may also provide a web link to this information below if that is easier.
19. Would you be interested in learning more about our kind program for your nonprofit that provides up to $1000 per year in flex benefit services? *This question is required.