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Swinburne University: Boys Help-Seeking Behaviour

Boy's Help-Seeking Behaviours

Mental wellbeing means coping with stress, and what life throws at us without feeling angry, anxious, frustrated, or afraid. But we know that with COVID-19, and in life more generally, we all go through patches where we don't feel at our best mentally. For example, we may feel stress from a school assignment, or we may be upset over how a friend has treated us. 

When we are not feeling our best mentally, some people get help from health services, family or mates. But adolescents most in need of help and struggling with their wellbeing are those least likely to look for it. Those identifying as male are even less likely to seek help when they are struggling with their wellbeing. 

In this survey, we will ask you a few questions to help us understand how you, as young boys, seek help for your mental wellbeing. 
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