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2021 Community Needs Survey

Welcome to Pride Center of Vermont's 2021 Community Needs Survey

Over the last year, our priority at Pride Center of Vermont (PCVT) has been to stay nimble and respond to the emerging needs of those we serve. We need your help as we embark on organizational strategic planning, reflect on our values, invest in our commitment to the people we support, and reimagine how we exist in relationship with the LGBTQ+ community of Vermont, our community partners, and the world around us. This is an effort that we will only accomplish in partnership with you. 


One of the ways we are adapting to the changing needs of Vermont's LGBTQ+ population is by launching this community needs survey. This survey allows us to investigate the gaps between community needs and programs/services currently offered by PCVT. By sharing your lived experiences and vision for an LGBTQ+ affirming Vermont, we can work together to advance our collective rights and build the foundation for a thriving, sustainable, future.

This survey does not and will not collect any personally identifying information. PCVT will be publishing a summary report of the findings on our website once the data has been compiled. If you have any questions please contact

1. I feel like I belong at PCVT, or I feel like I am a valued member of the PCVT community *This question is required.
2. PCVT learns from, relates to, and engages with all people across the LGBTQ+ gender and sexuality spectrum. *This question is required.
3. PCVT actively and equitably engages with community partners, groups, and individuals with diverse and intersectional identities (racial, ethnic, ability, economic status, etc.)
4. Which PCVT programs have you participated in the past? (Check all that apply) *This question is required.

As we respond to the ever changing COVID-19 pandemic, What is your comfort level with and/or ability to attend PCVT events?

*This question is required.