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2021 Professional Pipeline Student Scholarship- Student

Congratulations on your nomination for the EDUCAUSE Professional Pipeline Student Scholarship! 

You have been nominated for this scholarship because the individual that nominated you recognizes the value you can bring to the higher education IT profession. More information about this scholarship opportunity can be found on the EDUCAUSE Scholarship webpage. Applying for this scholarship is a two-step process. Step one has already been completed by your nominator, and step two is for you to complete this form and submit your application video. 

As a reminder, EDUCAUSE will provide awardees of the Professional Pipeline Student Scholarship the following benefits:

  • A complimentary registration to the in-person EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Philadelphia (October 26–29, 2021)
  • The opportunity to spend about 15 hours shadowing an event mentor at the conference
  • A special conference orientation/overview from an EDUCAUSE VIP
  • An awardee breakfast or lunch with the CEO and Board Chair of EDUCAUSE

The nominating individual or institution has committed to providing additional financial support to cover the cost of attending the conference, including transportation, meals, hotel room, etc. See the email you received inviting you to apply for this scholarship for the name and contact information of your nominator. 

Your application materials will be reviewed by the EDUCAUSE Scholarship Committee who will recommend funding for up to 10 individuals during the 2021 application window. 

  • A graduate or undergraduate student of color (SOC), affected by poverty, or a student with a demonstrable commitment to the SOC or poverty-affected community
  • Employed or volunteer as a student consultant or student worker at an EDUCAUSE member institution
  • Considering a career as a higher education IT professional
  • From an institution that is local to the Annual Conference (Philadelphia vicinity in 2021; Denver vicinity in 2022; Chicago vicinity in 2023) or have institutional financial support that covers the entirety of the student’s travel expenses to attend the conference
  • Nominated by an institutional sponsor who will write a letter of recommendation and provide a commitment of financial support for students incurring travel expenses to attend the conference
  • Willing to follow event policies and COVID-safe meeting practices
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Submit all application materials by the scholarship deadline (September 26, 2021. For the 2021 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, please note that the first review of applications will take place the first week of October. Applications received by the September 26, 2021 deadline will be included in the review
To complete your application submission we ask that you answer the following three questions and create and submit a short (2-3 minutes) video link (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, etc.) sharing how you will personally benefit from receiving this scholarship and how you intend to positively impact the future of higher education through your career as an IT professional. 
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Eligibility Confirmation: (Note: If you answerd no to any of the below questions, the scholarship team will reach out to you, for additional information).
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