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MMCD RFP & RFQ Template Review

Thank you for participating in this review of the proposed MMCD Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) templates. Your comments and suggestions are integral to our process.

Some of the reasons MMCD prepared these templates:
  1. Owners wish more flexibility in choosing contractors rather than relying on price alone.
  2. Owners want to examine alternative contractor proposals which may yield benefits to all parties.
  3. Different forms or “Request for Proposals (RFP)” are emerging in BC.
  4. A common RFP template could embody the MMCD Principles and Corollaries.
  5. A common RFP template reduces transactional costs compared to individual owners preparing many unique user RFP documents.
  6. A common RFP template allows for centralized document maintenance and training by MMCD.
  7. The MMCD intends to offer orientation training to potential evaluators.
  8. The MMCD RFP will integrate with the current MMCD contract documents.

Please review the documents and make your comments in the appropriate section of the survey. The RFP Template questions are on page 2 and the RFQ Template questions are on page 3.

NB: You can save your comments and return to the survey at a later date; however, the deadline to submit your answers is end of day, Monday, September 27, 2021.

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