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2021 - 2022 Student Section Support Tool (3ST)

Welcome Student Section

ASSP student sections exist at select colleges and universities. They are designed for student members pursuing careers in the occupational safety and health (OSH) field. 

The Council on Region Affairs has developed the Student Section Support Tool (3ST) to help student sections plan their annual activities and report those activities throughout the year. The tool will also provide an opportunity for more student sections to earn recognition for the value they provide to their members, while helping exceptional sections to track their progress toward qualifying for the Outstanding Student Section Award.

We ask that you provide feedback about this tool after completion so we can learn what works and what could be improved.

The student section support tool plan template can be used to track your plans and progress throughout the school year and then transferred here for completion. 

If you ever have any questions about the functionality of the student section support tool or experience technical issues, please contact the Student Services Team.

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