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2022-2023 Community Art Class/Outreach Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation for Arts4All Community Art Classes and Outreach Programs

We really appreciate your time in completing this short survey.  Your information will help us continue to improve our programs.  Thank you.
8.   What was the art form for this program?
10. Please respond to the following statements.
Space Cell Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
You and the artist collaborated on the goals
The goals were met
The art activities were age appropriate
The lessons integrated the arts with classroom topics/discussions
The art activities helped to increase artistic skills and techniques
The program facilitated skills in self expression
The program facilitated skills in fine and gross motor skills
The artist used adaptive strategies
The artist was on time and used session time wisely
The artist was organized and prepared
The artist was comfortable working with students of all abilities
13.  Please upload as many as 3 photos that you have of the program that we might use.
14.   Do you have a video of your program?