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SEVCA Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Survey Information

Thank you for taking this quick five minute survey to tell us about your experience with SEVCA today. The information you provide will help us:
  • learn how to better serve and support the community; and
  • understand the impact of SEVCA's programming.
Additional Notes:
  • If you complete this survey, you could win one of three raffled cash cards for $50 (winners will be drawn every three months) or one of four end-of-year raffled cash cards for $100 (winners will be drawn in October, 2022)
  • If you decide to share your name or contact info, it will only be used to get in touch about the raffle or future opportunities should you indicate interest. This information will not be linked to your other responses.
  • Summary data will be shared with the various institutions and organizations that fund and partner with SEVCA. Individual level data will not be shared.
We appreciate your time and feedback! Please feel free to contact with any questions related to this survey.