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Take Charge: The Chairman Survey 2021

Take Charge: The Chairman Survey 2021

Board Priorities & Dynamics

The Securities Commission Malaysia in collaboration with the Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia, the national institute of directors for Malaysia would like to invite Chairman of listed companies on Bursa Malaysia to respond to this survey and share insights on emerging board priorities and the state of boardroom dynamics, all from the perspective of the Chairman. The findings from this survey will inform the design of future measures and initiatives to strengthen board leadership. Observations from the findings will also be published in the SC’s Corporate Governance Monitor 2021 report.

The survey comprises 12 questions and estimated to take approximately ten minutes to complete. Closing date of the survey is 3 September 2021.

Confidentiality: We appreciate your input and would like to assure all respondents that the responses shall be kept confidential at all times. Personal data (if applicable) including identify of the respondent and company will be kept confidential. All findings that may be published/disseminated will be presented in an anonymous and aggregated manner. For the avoidance of doubt, Personal Data include all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 which was disclosed in this survey form. By selecting 'Next’, you are consenting to your data being collected and utilised for the purposes as described above.