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2021-2022 YLC General Orientation

In all 5 boroughs, Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) are creating a bolder, more just city by inspiring youth to shape policies, practices, and services affecting them and their communities. Each YLC ties into a citywide network working collectively to impact important local issues and create a culture of youth voice in our city. Like you, we envision a city where youth and adults come together to imagine, engage, and take action towards the betterment of our neighborhoods and communities. Thank you for committing and joining the YLC network.  

If you have already attended a YLC info session, please complete the following registration form to attend an upcoming virtual YLC facilitator orientation. The orientation will focus on equipping YLC facilitators with a range of tools and best practices for engaging youth participants in interactive experiences. Attendees will have the chance to clarify any questions or concerns you might have directly with the YLC program team. 
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