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ELC-ROC Testing SH Staff: Anticipated Budget


Thank you for assisting us in sharing your budget for the ELC-ROC Testing Staff: Anticipated Budget! 

Please complete the information on the following pages to submit your budget for direct and indirect costs.

If you have any issues completing this cost survey, please contact Jennifer Griffin, the Children & Youth Branch's Data Manager, at
Notes about completing this budget request:
  • Please do NOT leave any fields blank.  If you do not have any monetary amount to report for an item, type in "0" in the amount, and "NA" in the explanatory narrative.
  • You will need to have your Indirect Costs already calculated before you proceed.  Please see the link below to download this worksheet. 
    Even if you decline the funds, you will still need to submit the worksheet.  (You select the box indicating that you are not accepting any federal funding.)
  • All direct administrative costs must be prorated based on the total full-time equivalent (FTE) of staff (including temps).
    E.g., if there is a total of 1 FTE, only the prorated rent for that 1 FTE may be charged as a direct administrative cost.
  • Preview of Questions Asked in This Report (Word Version):
    If you want a preview of all questions from this report, you can download a Word document by CLICKING HERE.
    • If the hyperlink is not working, please copy and paste this webpage into a browser:

  • Indirect Cost Worksheet You Must Complete and Attach to This Report:
    To download a copy of the NC DPH Indirect Cost for Contractors Receiving FA Funds Worksheet, CLICK HERE.
    • If the hyperlink is not working, please copy and past this webpage into a browser: 

  • If your computer uses Windows Defender Antivirus software, you may need to contact your IT department to request that your computer to have the correct permissions to download the linked documents. 
Please note that you can save and continue this survey at another time.  To do this, please click on the "Save and Continue" bar at the top of this survey.  You will be prompted to enter your email address twice, and a save-and-continue link will be sent to your email address.