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Presentation/Training Request Form
Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation!

Please use this form to request a presentation or training for:
  • First Breath, Wisconsin's program to help people make positive changes to their tobacco, alcohol, and other substance use during pregnancy & beyond.
  • Well Badger, a health information and referral program that connects Wisconsin residents to the health and social services they need and deserve. Well Badger specializes in referrals for pregnant and parenting individuals, low-income families, and children and youth with special healthcare needs.
All trainings and presentations will be facilitated virtually by Moranda Medina-Lopez, Community Outreach Coordinator.
1. Please select which program(s) you are interested in. *This question is required.
Thank you for your interest in learning more about First Breath. Informational and training sessions are currently on pause as we prepare to expand our services. Expanded services will aim to reduce substance-exposed pregnancies and will be available to pregnant or postpartum persons in Wisconsin who have used tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, illicit substances, and/or misused prescription drugs in the past 90 days. Once the expansion is launched, we will follow up with you at the email provided to discuss training needs.

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If you require immediate assistance contact us at or 608-251-1675.
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