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SY22 Authorized School Application - COVID-19 Testing Program

Application to be an Authorized School

Thank you for participating in the SY22 COVID-19 Testing Program. This application is required for any K-12 school or district (public or private) seeking to participate in the state-funded 2021-22 school year COVID-19 Testing Program. All districts and schools, regardless if they participated in the SY21 testing program or not, must complete this application to begin COVID-19 testing services.

All K-12 COVID-19 testing will be delivered through CIC Health for the 2021-22 school year. A district or school that chooses to work with a separate testing vendor does not need to fill out this application.

Superintendents, charter school leaders, and executive directors should complete the information on behalf of the schools participating.

Questions regarding the application may be sent to

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