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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 8

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following BEST describes a partially known penetration test?
2. Threat actors can be divided into different types based on their methods and motivations. Which type of hacker works for a government and attempts to gain top-secret information by hacking other governments' devices?
3. You are reviewing the report from an OpenVAS scan against a Windows machine on your network. Which of the following tabs would give details on only the individual vulnerabilities and the information publicly available about those security risks?

4. Which web application scanner uses an on-path (man-in-the-middle) proxy design?

5. Which IPsec method is the most used and protects an entire packet by wrapping it with a new IP header, encrypting it, and then sending it on to the receiving host?
6. In 2016, an attacker used a botnet of security cameras, DVRs, and network printers to target a cloud-based internet performance management organization that provided DNS services to large corporations. This created connectivity issues for legitimate users across the United States and Europe.

Which type of attack was MOST likely used in this scenario?
7. Frequently, the reason a mobile device is compromised is because a user installed an app from an unofficial source. What is the name for this type of installation?
8. Alan, an ethical hacker, jailbreaks a mobile device. He checks the inventory information reported by the mobile device management (MDM) software that manages the device.

Which of the following describes what he expects to see in the inventory?
9. Using an open-source forensic image creation tool, you've duplicated a hard drive. Which open-source tool should you use to examine the image?
10. As you're investigating an incident for your company, you discover that a crash on the suspect's computer occurred and created a snapshot of everything that was in physical memory at the time of the crash.

Which type of memory dump is this?
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