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Libraries and the Digital Environment: 2021 stocktaking


The roles of libraries in the digital enviroment and ecosystems are evolving. More shifts to digital in core library service delivery, new ICT-based library initiatives and offerings, changing needs of library users - for example, affordable access to the internet or ICT, digital skills or media literacy learning opportunities, and more.

The past months have seen countless examples of libraries' creativity and ingenuity in finding ways to continue to offer equitable access to information in a digital environment. They also highlighted both new and existing factors which shape libraries' work in this area - whether it is libraries' own access to ICT and connectivity, changing user needs, or overarching policy frameworks.

This survey invites libraries, library associations and information professionals from around the world to share their experiences with the digital ecosystem over the past year. Have you introduced new ICT-based services or changed your web presence? Or perhaps there are broader societal trends that influenced your thinking on libraries' role in the digital environment? Share your insights and help shape the 2021 IFLA input to the annual World Summit on the Information Society reporting!

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is a global initiative that brings together stakeholders committed to leveraging ICT for development and bridging the digital divide. It was first launched as a UN-sponsored summit in 2003 and 2005, where connecting libraries was identified as one of the WSIS Targets. In the following years, annual reporting process was set up to help track progress - and IFLA has an opportunity to contribute to this reporting and offer insights from the library field’s perspective.

This modular survey includes questions on:
- library access to the internet and ICT
- ICT and internet-based library services
- broader trends and developments that shape libraries' roles or services in a digital environment
You are welcome to choose the modules which are of interest for you, or to fill in the survey in its entirety.

We would appreciate receiving your responses by 27 October. If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues accessing the survey, please contact us at

Thank you – and we look forward to shaping the 2021 IFLA input to WSIS reporting together!