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Aged Care study 2021


Catalyst Research and COTA Australia are working together to ask older Australians and those looking for aged care, what are you looking for in an aged care home?

If you need a nursing home, maybe today, maybe in the future, maybe for you, maybe for a parent… what will you be looking for? What makes one aged care facility more attractive than another?

Putting choice and control of aged care in the hands of older people, is one of COTA Australia’s core values.

Older people are not all the same, and don't all want the same aged care services. Nursing homes should all be high quality, but that does not mean they should all be the same.

This research will be used by Aged Care providers to improve their services and offerings for older people, ensuring that you can get what you want. It will also be used by COTA Australia, to lobby government and industry to ensure every older person gets the choice and control of the Aged Care they want.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and make aged care better for everyone.