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Transitional Kindergarten Assessment Profile

Your role as a District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) includes ensuring Transitional Kindergarten (TK) teachers and principal(s) implement the Five Pillars, including the WaKIDS Whole-child Assessment. The purpose of this form is to assist districts in preparing to meet the assessment requirement according to the structure of your unique TK program. Please collaborate with necessary stakeholders in implementing TK in your district to answer questions for this survey.

Transitional Kindergarten programs meet the requirements of full-day kindergarten established in RCW 28A.150.315, including administration of the WaKIDS Whole-child Assessment. Because TK program may begin at any point between beginning of the school year and end of January, each district that wishes to implement TK needs to identify the appropriate WaKIDS Whole-child Assessment deadline for their district’s TK program. To communicate expectations and monitor completion, please complete this form with your district’s plan for the TK in 2021-22 school year.

Here are some important items for you to keep in mind concerning your TK implementation:
1. WaKIDS Whole-child Assessment data for your TK students must be submitted and finalized by the 12th week from the program start date.
2. The last day to begin a TK program is January 31, 2022.
3. All TK teachers of record must successfully complete the WaKIDS 101 training in order to implement the assessment. Summer trainings are currently in session until late September and there will be a training every month from October to February to allow TK teachers to be trained before they can implement all three components of WaKIDS. More information about the WaKIDS 101 training is available on our website
4. TK enrollment is required to be reported in CEDARS with the Program Code of 67-TK-Transitional Kindergarten. Please submit your TK enrollment data in CEDARS at the same time as your report to P223.

If you have questions about TK in general, reach out to Karma Hugo, Director of Early Learning
If you have questions about WaKIDS implementation, reach out to Yoona Park, WaKIDS Assessment Specialist