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Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities - Non-residential Provider Assessment

Purpose of Assessment

This assessment is to be completed by the provider delivering non-residential ODDS and Medicaid-funded Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). Non-residential services include employment services and other day services.

All providers of ODDS non-residential services must complete an initial provider assessment before providing an employment or non-residential day services. Additional information regarding this requirement can be found in the related ODDS policy transmittal APD-PT-15-006.

Information gathered through this tool will be used as follows:
  • To assess the accuracy of ODDS employment and day service billing and service delivery.
  • To complement any assessment completed for Oregon's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Transition Plan found here:

General instructions:
  • One assessment must be completed for each setting in which services are provided, regardless of the number of individuals served within that setting. The only service settings currently exempt from this requirement are settings in which ODDS and Medicaid-funded Job Development and Discovery are provided.
  • If multiple settings within one address or location would assess differently (ie trigger a different response to the assessment), then it is a separate setting and a separate assessment must be completed. Examples include:
    • The setting of a retail store might assess differently in the front of a store than it would assess in the back of the store. Two assessments would need to be completed.
    • During the course of one service, individuals might go to the local ymca to play basketball, to the zoo, and out to lunch at their favorite local franchise restaurant. If all the settings would assess the same (in other words, trigger identical answers to all of the questions), then only one assessment must be completed. If you are unsure, a separate assessment should be completed.
  • ODDS will review each assessment for accuracy. Until ODDS reviews and issues a formal letter indicating the assessment is accurate, complete, and no additional information is needed, the result of the assessment is subject to change.
  • ODDS reserves the right to request additional information or evidence to support a response in the assessment.
  • Some questions in the assessment identify elements that indicate greater likelihood of a particular service or setting but are not necessarily conclusive or required.
  • Recoupment for inaccurate billing will be handled on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your time!