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RAR Wastewater End-of-Programming Survey

Research Area Review: Wastewater

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Which of the following Research Area Review events did you attend for this topic?

3. Did you have concerns about the wastewater in your community before this research area review event?

Have you used tools to investigate/research wastewater pollution before this event?

7. Please rate how true or untrue the following statements are to your intents and experiences.

After this research area review event…
Space Cell Very untrueUntrueSlightly untrueSlightly trueTrueVery true
I better understand how to collect data about wastewater pollution.
I plan to participate in a community science research project.
I plan to lead a community science research project.
I will collect data related to wastewater.
I will teach others how to collect data related to wastewater pollution.
I will direct others to Public Lab resources.