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Fundamentals: Pre-Test

Fundamentals: Pre-Test: Subjective Data

1. The nurse is completing a shift and is handing over patient care to the next nurse on duty.  Which action would the nurse take during the bedside handover?
2. A night shift nurse has taken over for the nurse from the previous shift. There are four new patients, and the nurse needs to interview them to complete the nursing histories. When would the nurse plan to interview these patients?
3. The nurse is caring for a patient with a pressure ulcer on his left hip. The nurse asks the patient several questions to determine how he may have gotten the pressure ulcer. Which health patterns should the nurse address in her assessment? Select all that apply. One, some, or all responses may be correct.
4. Which data would the nurse document as subjective data when admitting a patient? Select all that apply.
5. Which statement about the nurse’s role in gathering subjective data is accurate?