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Community Health: Pre-Test

Community Health: Pre-Test: Community and Home Assessments

1. What should the home health nurse focus on in the initial conversation with a new patient?
2. What is a primary factor in determining if a patient can receive intravenous (IV) therapy services in the home?
3. You are a community health nurse working with residents of a nursing home who have been displaced by a fire in their facility. Several of them keep telling you they are afraid and upset about having lost their possessions. When planning for their relocation, what is your top consideration?

A nurse is caring for an older adult in his home and is concerned about his risk of injury. Which activities would the nurse perform to assess this patient’s risk of

injury? Select all that apply.


A nurse is caring for an older adult in his home. The nurse is concerned about infection control in this patient. About which practices would the nurse inquire when assessing the risk of food poisoning in this patient? Select all that apply.


The nurse is caring for a patient who sustained a femur fracture following a fall. Which common physical hazards can increase the risk of falling? Select all that apply.


A nurse is caring for an older adult in his home and is concerned about the risk of injury. Following an assessment, the nurse finds that the patient has visual impairment. Which actions would the nurse perform to reduce the risk of injury in this patient? Select all that apply.


Which does the public health nurse anticipate will take place during the first visit with a patient? Select all that apply.

9. Which services should the new public health nurse review when assessing communication parameters that affect community security?
10. A community health nurse is driving through an area and notes that many people appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, sees many dilapidated houses, and notices many mental health clinics and mostly fast-food restaurants. What type of research is the nurse conducting?

While conducting a windshield survey, what questions will help the nurse get information about health resources? Select all that apply.

12. Which term most often defines the community when an organization asks the public health nurse to perform a community assessment?
13. Which will be included in the treatment plan for a home health patient?

Which are home health services provided by the nurse? Select all that apply.