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Key Guard Order Form

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Custom keyguards are currently being 3D printed and shipped at no cost to Michigan public schools.  Be aware this may change based on availability of funding.

Before completing this form, you must find or create a customized STL file:
  • If you already have a file on hand, you can skip to the form.
  • Find a file that is already created that fits your learner's needs.  Scroll down to the form to see if we already have a file that fits your needs.  If we do, simply check the box and continue with the form.  If we don't, you can find many existing files at Thingiverse.  Go into the "remixes" (indicated by the arrow below) to find the STL files.  You can find more information about each remix file by clicking on the remix picture.  screenshot of customizable keyguard page with an arrow pointing at the remixes button
  • If you cannot find the file that meets the needs of your learner, you can customize and create your own keyguard file.  You will need to create a free Thingiverse profile for this step.  After creating an account and logging in, you will follow the steps of the customizer.  The file will show up in your profile once it is created.
  • Having trouble customizing a file for 3D keyguard printing? There is now a companion site that works with Thingiverse. Watch this video about Models.MakeWithTech.Com to learn more.
Next, complete this form.

Last, wait to receive your confirmation email.  Respond to that email by providing your name, and attaching the STL file.
1. Which key guard are you requesting?
6. Shipping information