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NCHRP Problem Statement Submission - FY 2023

The AASHTO Special Committee on Research and Innovation (R&I) is soliciting candidate research problems for the Fiscal Year 2023 National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). NCHRP can only accept statements from State DOTs, AASHTO Committees and Councils, and FHWA. To be considered for the FY 2023 program, problem submittals must arrive by November 1, 2021—this is a firm deadline for all authorized submitters. No exceptions or extensions will be made.
A note on implementation …

NCHRP emphasizes implementation of its research results. We are asking problem statement submitters to focus on developing practical products that have a high probability of being implemented.  If your problem statement is selected for the NCHRP, you may be asked to play a continuing role in supporting implementation efforts extending beyond the length of the research contract.

The problem statement should be uploaded as a Word document.

The problem statement template is available here

Instructions for filling out the template are available here.

After entering submitter information you will be able to upload your problem statement.

You will receive an emailed confirmation that we received your problem statement.

If you have technical problems, please contact Debbie Irvin at
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