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Security+ Practice Quiz: SY0-601 Quiz 6

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. The Application layer of the security model includes which of the following? (Choose two)
2. An employee stealing company data could be an example of which kind of threat actor?
3. You are part of a committee that is meeting to define how Network Access Control (NAC) should be implemented in the organization. Which step in the NAC process is this?

4. An attacker sets up 100 drone computers that flood a DNS server with invalid requests. This is an example of which kind of attack?

5. Which of the following ports are used with TACACS?
6. Your LDAP directory-services solution uses simple authentication. What should you always do when using simple authentication?
7. Which of the following protocols are often added to other protocols to provide secure transmission of data? (Choose two)
8. Which of the following network layer protocols provides authentication and encryption services for IP-based network traffic?
9. Change control should be used to oversee and manage changes over which aspect of an organization?
10. Your company has developed and implemented countermeasures for the greatest risks to their assets. However, there is still some risk left. What is the remaining risk called?
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