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How will governments deliver in a post-COVID world?

Future of Government Disruptive Debate survey: How will governments deliver in a post-COVID world?

Thank you for contributing to the discussion about the Future of Government and how governments will deliver in a post-COVID world. This short survey will help guide and inform us as we continue to listen, think about and discuss issues related to the Future of Government.

We value your opinion. Your survey responses will be confidential and anonymous. Results of the survey will be shared during the Future of Government Disruptive Debate on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. You can register to attend the event here.

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1. Whose actions do you think will be most important in delivering a reversal to climate change?
Private sectorGovernmentCommunity/individuals
2. Where do think governments should focus most if they are to improve their ability to deliver against policy objectives?
3. What is the most significant challenge to governments delivering quality services to citizens?
Not enough qualified staff (quality of service)Not enough use of technologyInsufficient resources (equipment, supplies, buildings, electricity)Ineffective management of staff, technology and resources
4. Which strategy is the most likely to improve government delivery?
Implementing cross sectoral public sector reforms which cover as many sectors as possibleFocusing on delivering a small number of policy and objectives and driving performance in those areasIdentifying and addressing a limited number of crucial challenges to delivery in specific sectorsPromoting the use of technology across public services
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