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Relay Features MaxDiff Q3'21

Relay Features

On this page, you will see a series of lists. Each list will have multiple features that we could add to Relay. Please indicate which one you want MOST, and which one you want LEAST. The list will repeat several times to get the full range of products. Please use your best judgement, even if you don't have strong feelings about any of the features in the list.
1. Of the following features we could add to Relay, which one is the most compelling and which is the least compelling? *This question is required.Please pick one option from the left column and one from the right column
LEAST compelling Feature MOST compellling
More and better controls to prevent spam and other unwanted email
"Timed" aliases that automatically delete after a set time
Reply to emails sent thru an alias, keeping the real address hidden
Allow me to send emails from an alias, keeping the real address hidden
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